WHO: Beck's

WHEN: 15-16-17 June 2016

WHERE: Milan

A free event lasted three days, animated the heart of Milan from the 15th to the 17th of June at the Baden-Powell Park in Milan.
Beck’s, supports and promotes the development of young talents and their path towards independence. Beck’s brought on stage several artists of the Cheers to Independence project, which started in April 2016.
Many artists performed on stage such as St. Margaret, Bugo, The lights of the Power, Max Brigante, Merk & Kremont, 2nd Roof, Coez, Gué Pequeno and Emis Killa The live performances have been the conclusion of the path undertaken by twelve young talents.Along with four tutors (Dario Giovannini, Mattia Zoppellaro, Younuts and Pao) our young talents worked to grow and gain their artistic independence.
Three days of music, Urban Art, Video Making and Photography.

25 Artists

3 Days of Live Music

A lot of Beers