• UEFA Champions League - Opening Ceremony

  • F1 Milan Festival

  • Discovery Upfront 2018
    Stop Faking Get Real

  • Aperol Happy Together Live

  • The Unique Huawei
    Co-Creation Show

Art & Entertainment are our leverages


In 1970s Punk Rock changed the world. It was more than just music, it was a cultural phenomenon. In 2012 we noticed there was a gap between brands and artists. We decided to address this gap with a new generation of Branded Entertainment.

Our passion is the founding element of impressive and artistically valuable contents, capable in thrilling today’s audience. We place ourselves where entertainment meets brands, where business meets creativity. Our plus is the “What’s The Next Exciting Thing?” approach.

  • Sephora
    Kaleido Studded Kiss


Exciting! Live! Content! to stir up people's emotions and connect them with brands
  • Carte Blache to Francesco Vezzoli
    Pompidou Paris


Our purpose is to turn each event into something new... disruptive and unusual. Each event gives us the opportunity to raise the bar higher and higher